Information for Parents

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A fee of $45.00 per student per term has been established for all children attending the North Ingle Preschool. This is used to cover costs associated with the Preschool Learning Programme. Please pay fees at the School Office. Online payment is now available. Please see our friendly finance officer for further details.

Car Parking

Parents are asked to park their cars in the streets adjacent to the school. With delivery trucks going in and out, the staff car park is a dangerous place for children. This is therefore an out of bounds area for all children in the school. Please keep your child safe by parking in the street.

Entry into school

In South Australia, public primary schools have one intake date, this means:

The one intake means every child has four terms of pre-schooling and reception before starting the rest of their schooling. Your child must be at school by their sixth birthday - this is the compulsory school starting age.

Parent Involvement

Parents are always welcome in the Preschool. We value all parent contributions and appreciate any volunteer time offered.
Parent involvement is invaluable to help with the following:

If you would like to volunteer time in the preschool to run a learning experience, whether that be cooking, art, sports, music or reading books we would love to hear from you.